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About Us

With 32 years of experience, our team excels in interpreting your brief and tailoring solutions to your specific needs. We consider key factors such as demographics, target groups, age, and gender to propose innovative, one-of-a-kind ideas. Our in-house marketing specialists then skillfully transform these concepts into bespoke products that perfectly align with your requirements, ensuring a unique and impactful solution for your business.
Visit Our Showroom, and feel the Inspiration!

Anapafseos 7, Metamorfosi 144 51, Athens, Greece – Book your appoiment +30 210 281 4722

Our Clients

GREECE: As thousands of items pass through us on a daily base, we select the best ones and keep a wide range of variety of our IN-HOUSE STOCK in our warehouse, located in Athens Greece. This way we deliver immediately to our customers (within 1 or 2 days) and as we have our own IN-HOUSE PRINTING facilities and machinery, we control the quality, the speed, and the cost. 

EUROPE: Supply a vast range of items from different cooperations we have with warehouses in Italy, Spain, Germany, and several other countries and can deliver within a very short time period. 

CHINA: 2 offices in China – that ensure factory prices, new fresh, and unlimited ideas on a weekly basis, quality inspections, and take care of the logistics.